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Catamaran Series Series All Welded Custom Aluminum Trailers

West Coast Trailers is now offering its Catamaran Series designed for large fishing and sport boats. Featuring an all welded design, each Pinnacle is designed to fit its particular hull perfectly. No set-ups, no hassles, and best of all, ease of launching and loading.

0ur engineers utilize digital electronic designs to assure your hulls are guided easily into place over the trailer when loading. Our certified welding technicians have access to hundreds of fixtures reducing errors in manufacturing. Weight is distributed proportionately for a smooth ride over the road.
  • Aluminum Welded Frame and Cross Members
  • Custom Welded Bunk Brackets individually blueprinted to each hull
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Custom Teardrop Fenders and Step Pads
  • Torsion Axles
  • Stainless Steel Spindle Seals on all axles
  • Industry Best Brake System by UFP
  • Dacromet Hubs to reduce rust
  • Dacromet Calipers manufactured to automotive standards
  • Inch Thick Vented Rotor to dissipate heat
  • Tread Plate Covered Tail Light Bracket
  • Poly Rollers and Poly Rub Pads
  • Boat Sizes from 20'-47' and net weight capacities up to 19,000#

West Coast Trailers All Welded Custom Aluminum Boat Trailers
Safety First

WCT's first focus is always safety, assuring you the peace of mind when you're at the ramp or behind the wheel with your family.

West Coast Trailers All Welded Custom Aluminum Boat Trailers
Proven Technology

WCT also specializes in the newest innovative trailer technology, modifying your setup to optimize loading and unloading performance.

West Coast Trailers All Welded Custom Aluminum Boat Trailers
Service & Repair

Not everyone is in the market for a new trailer, WCT offers a full line of service and conversions for your current trailer to help you achieve a better boating experience.

West Coast Trailers All Welded Custom Aluminum Boat Trailers
Parts and Accessories

WCT has a wide selection of boat trailer parts to keep your boat maintained. From tires, brakes, and rollers, we have all you need.


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