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FISH TAILIN' DeeLuxe Aluminum Bunk Trailers

West Coast Trailers is now offering its FISH TAILIN Series designed for large fishing and sport boats. Featuring an all welded design, each FISH TAILIN is designed to fit its particular hull perfectly. No set-ups, no hassles, and best of all, ease of launching and loading.

0ur engineers utilize digital electronic designs to assure your hulls are guided easily into place over the trailer when loading. Our certified welding technicians have access to hundreds of fixtures reducing errors in manufacturing. Weight is distributed proportionately for a smooth ride over the road.
  • Aluminum I-beam construction
  • Aluminum deep "V" cross-members
  • Galvanized axles
  • Galvanized spoke wheels
  • Stainless Steel bearing protectors
  • Load bearing fenders
  • Aluminum step pads
  • Carpeted cypress bunks

  • Submersible lighting
  • Winch stand, heavy duty winch and winch strap
  • Tongue jack with wheel
  • PVC covered galvanized tubing upright guides
  • Non-marking bow stop rollers, bells and bumpers
  • Stainless steel and galvanized fasteners
  • Heavy-duty adjustable keel pad on front forward cross-member
  • Two (2) year warranty. FTD - Single Axle, TFTD - Tandem Axle, TTFTD - Triple Axle


Hydraulic Surge Drum Brakes w/ Flush Kit
Disc Brakes
Torsion Axles
Posi-Lube Spindles


Spare Tire Mount - Heavy Duty (also available with packed hub)
Spare Tire & Wheel
Mag Wheels


Adjustable Bow Supports


2nd Pair Tail Lights on Upright Guides


Poly Roller Upgrade
All Stainless Steel Fasteners

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Trailer Disc Brakes

What are the major advantages of Disc Brakes as compared to Drum Brakes?


1. Fewer moving parts. Compare the caliper with one moving part, to a drum brake, with between 9 and 12 moving parts.
2. Longer life due to fewer moving parts and more effective heat dissipation.
3. Friction pads are easily accessible for replacement or inspection.
4. Easy access to caliper for cleaning and maintenance.
5. Entire caliper can be removed for maintenance without removing rotor and hub. (Kodiak's caliper components can be replaced at any automotive parts store stocking GM replacement parts.)
6. Entire rotor can be removed for maintenance* without removing hub.
Vented rotors are furnished with ample distance between the friction pads to allow for normal wear. Should it become necessary, the rotors can be "turned" or "re-surfaced". The rotors must be replaced when worn to the minimum thickness stamped on the edge of the rotor


1. Calipers are self-adjusting to eliminate unequal braking from one side to the other, resulting in smoother braking. Brake adjustment headaches are eliminated.
2. Braking performance is less likely to be affected by dirt, water, or rust contamination.
3. Much less sensitive to premature lock-up or wheel skid than corresponding uni-servo or duo-servo hydraulically operated drum brakes, or electrically operated drum brakes.
4. Fade resistant.


Disc brakes represent a better value to the consumer in that they have a lower owning cost over the expected life of the trailer.
What are the most significant features of the Disc Brake System?
The Disc Brake System is a proven system that includes a rotor that fits over the axle hub*, combined with a caliper and mounting bracket that attach to the axle end assembly by bolting to the standard brake flange. The wheel studs are pressed into the hub only. The rotor is a loose fit on the hub, and is retained by the wheel, which, in turn, is retained by the wheel nuts. Removal of the rotor can be accomplished with little effort once the caliper has been removed. No machining is required prior to installation.


Rotor surface temperatures which rise rapidly from repeated stops can be minimized by using a ventilated rotor to accelerate heat transfer from the rotor to the surrounding air. During heavy braking, non-ventilated rotors may overheat, causing accelerated brake pad deterioration and accelerated rotor surface wear.

West Coast Trailers All Welded Custom Aluminum Boat Trailers
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West Coast Trailers All Welded Custom Aluminum Boat Trailers
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West Coast Trailers All Welded Custom Aluminum Boat Trailers
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West Coast Trailers All Welded Custom Aluminum Boat Trailers
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WCT has a wide selection of boat trailer parts to keep your boat maintained. From tires, brakes, and rollers, we have all you need.


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