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Welded Aluminum Boat Trailers

In today's economically tough times, not everyone is in the market for a new trailer, but WCT offers a full line of service and conversions for your current trailer to help you achieve a better boating experience.

WCT's first focus is always safety, assuring you the peace of mind when you're at the ramp or behind the wheel with your family.

In addition to safety, WCT also specializes in the newest innovative trailer technology, modifying your setup to optimize loading and unloading performance. (Please see WCT's photo gallery below for examples of trailer modifications and conversions.)

Aside from technical modifications, WCT's top five reasons for general roadside service calls include blown tires, wheel bearing failure, axle failure, broken springs and coupling problems.

WCT's top-level mechanics, quick turn-around times and reasonable pricing make them an obvious choice for your trailer repair.

West Coast Trailers' primary focus is offering the best quality product in function, safety and price.

WCT's specific focus on boat trailers allows each customer the peace of mind in terms of all trailer functions including towing safety, innovation, and overall quality without inflated pricing.