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Are you a boat owner that only occasionally needs to use a boat trailer?

Get in touch with us! West Coast Trailers provides boat trailer rental services for local hauling of marine vessels.
We rent trailers for PWC's and boats up to 30' long.

To ensure you have a safe trailering experience, our trailers are constantly put through a maintenance routine.


Full coverage auto insurance, valid drivers license and credit card.

Terms and Conditions

Both parties agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. The agreement covers the rental of a boat trailer from West Coast Trailers The renter agrees to pay for all damages to the trailer incurred during the rental period. In addition the renter will be personally liable for damages to other property during the rental period as set forth above. The renter acknowledges and agrees, West Coast Trailers Inc. and its affiliates, are not accountable for any mechanical trailer malfunctions. This includes, but is not limited to, brakes and light malfunctions etc. which may cause property damage

Risk Clause

I understand when I trailer a boat there will also be risks. These risks will be unavoidable though we have taken precautions. In addition, I acknowledge that a representative from West Coast Trailers has inspected the trailer with me. This rep has also instructed me how to safely adjust the trailers adjustable parts, (Bunks, Rollers, and Winch Mast). So that the boat will properly and safely rest on the trailer for safe transportation.

The maximum trailer carry weight includes the boat, engine, gasoline (6 pounds per gallon), water (8 pounds per gallon) and gear.

It's the renters responsibility to insure that these weights are not exceeded during the boat trailer rentals period. The renter acknowledges that the weight limitations must be followed at all times. Any damage to the trailer due to exceeding its maximum weight will be the responsibility of the renter. These damages will automatically be charged to the renters credit card. California Law also requires all towed boats must be strapped down in two places. That mean from the trailer to the stern of the boat. The renter acknowledges the previous damage section and is responsible for all new damage during the boat trailers rentals period.

In State Clause

West Coast Trailers is authorized to charge a renters card when the trailer is removed from the state. The minimum rental fee off $250.00 will be charged for additional wear and tear to the trailer. Charges above the $250.00 may also be incurred for excessive wear and tear on the boat trailer. West Coast Trailers will determine this when the boat trailer is returned, and the rental agreement is closed out.

Any rental periods going beyond one week and West Coast Trailers is authorized to extend the contract.
The renters card on file will be used to collect any fees while the trailer is still out.
The renter agrees to pay $10 per hour late fee up to the posted rental rate per day. This $10 late fee is charged per hour after a 1 hour grace period.
The renter agrees to pay all fees, damages, and also repairs with the credit card used as the security deposit.

Renter agrees that West Coast Trailers is not liable for any accidents or malfunctioning rented trailer. West Coast Trailers employees, affiliates, and directors are also indemnified and released from law suites that may arise. Renter agree to pay for all damages resulting from the rental of the trailer. Damages are not limited to Attorneys fees incurred by West Coast Trailers Inc. They also include all personal injuries, and property damage, resulting from an accident, or incident during the rental period.

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