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West Coast Trailers is proud to offer Triton aluminum trailers. Call us at 949-254-9360 for prices
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Triton's personal watercraft (PWC) line

Triton's personal watercraft (PWC) line of trailers are packed full of value for years of worry-free hauling.

The line offers entry level trailers to the ultimate in PWC trailers.

There is a fit for anyone looking for a trailer out there.

Make the smart choice, choose Triton Aluminum PWC Trailers.

Triton's ATV Trailers

Triton's side loading trailers are the most popular style of aluminum trailers for ATV's and more. Side loading ATV trailers offers the best use of deck space, presents a narrower package while towing (easier to see around), carries the ATVís more securely sideways, and provides easy ramping from both sides. A great option for both beginner and expert trailer owners alike.

Triton's AUT1064 trailers have both extruded aluminum frames and decks with a useable deck size of 10' long by 64" wide. The dropped down tongue, lowered deck height, and full length carriage bolt tiedown channels makes these trailers easy to load, tow, and versatile for all your hauling needs. A good match for low clearance vehicles and other equipment.

Triton's Utility trailers

Check out all the links here for finding the trailer that suits your needs. Triton Utility trailers are light weight but they still can handle the stated weights quite easily. All the Triton excellent standard feature will insure that your trailer will last many years with very little worry or maintenence. Match up the size and/or hauling weights that you need to make the trailer work for you.

Triton's full list of accessories will also enable you to haul much more adding versatility to strength.

Triton's Car Hauler Series

Triton is now proud to introduce the Car Hauler Series. In true Triton form, this line of well thought out quality trailers can be used for more than just vehicles. Versatility provides every customer with the most value for your dollar and use out of the trailer. Triton Car Hauler series trailer line is able to haul ATVís, motorcycles, UTVís, and more. Three models are available in deck lengths of 18í (CH18), 20í (CH20) and 22í (CH22) including the beavertail rear deck